Chris Nicols

Director of GIS and Integrity Management

Mr. Nichols serves as Director of GIS and Integrity Management for Centric. He manages the Geographic Information Systems databases, geospatial web applications, dashboards, and mobile applications for Centric.

Chris works closely with the Business Development team identifying strategic growth opportunities as well as maintain geospatial applications and interfaces utilized by the team. Additionally, Mr. Nichols and the GIS team works with Operations to build mobile integrity and work management applications as while updating and maintaining the asset data for the Operations group.

Before joining Centric, Chris worked as a consultant for various Oil and Gas companies throughout the Americas. He built and maintained GIS systems from the ground up, designed and built custom iOS and Android pipeline integrity mobile apps, and created Integrity Management Plans to satisfy regulatory requirements.

Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Geographic Information Systems from Sam Houston State University. Outside of work he applies spare time to his hobbies which vary from high-powered model rockets and microcontroller applications to home and automotive renovation. Though, Mr. Nichols mostly enjoys spending his spare time with his family and friends.